"Lotus" Jewelry Collection The feminine charm of the lotus is irresistible, inspiring a feeling of confidence so necessary for today’s modern woman. After all, every piece of jewellery from the Lotus Collection is an amulet of success, love and good fortune.

"Football" Jewelry Collection Football is drive, friends, joy and a sea of positive emotions. Only for real and dedicated football fans, "Football" collection by Yoka Iizuka, will emphasize your involvement in the ability to score goals.

"Love" Jewelry Collection A woman's heart is a reflection of the beauty of her soul. If you want to express the depth of your feelings, wisdom and desire to receive and give love to others, then the "Love" collection is ideal for this.

"Star" Jewelry Collection Every woman is a star! If you want your radiance to be noticed by everyone around, then the "Star" jewelry collection will make you even brighter and more radiant for everyone who is close to you.

"Custom made" Jewelry Original designs executed with attention to detail, made into easily wearable and attractive fine jewellery.

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